White Lotus Productions is a film production company with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami. Projects include: HazMat, Agoraphobia, All Girls Weekend, 3, Fear the Reaper, Apokalypsis, The Cleansing, Hand of the Devil, Secrets Among Friends, The Screener, and The Craving.


We have produced five feature films in the last five years, and we are now in pre-production for our sixth project.


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***We do not accept unsolicited scripts. We create and write our own material.  Please do not send us scripts, synopses, or any story ideas.  Your e-mail will not be read.***


Lou Simon - Writer, Producer, Director


When other little girls were playing with dolls, Lou was writing scary stories and putting on haunted houses in her parents garage.


Lou studied creative writing at the University of Florida, but it wasn't until 2010 that she started writing screenplays.  Since then, she has written twelve screenplays.  She also started directing with her first feature, The Awakened, and has since directed:  HazMat, Agoraphobia, 3, and All Girls Weekend. Other features are in various stages of Development.


Lou is a graduate of New York University School of Law.

“I cant wait to see what Lou Simon comes up with next, she is one to watch in horror film, trust me!







“Lou Simon is an interesting filmmaker. Her first film The Awakened was a solid outing and HazMat proves that she wasn’t a one trick pony and out to improve herself with each new project.”

– Mark Bullock,

   Hacked in the Head Reviews

– Zman,


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